Quantity Surveyors

As Quantity Surveyors we offer professional services to the construction industry, providing both cost and contractual advice, with the academic and practical experience.

At Indenture as Quantity Surveyors we measure structures, starting at buildings and fixtures from odd angles, and calculating ways to save you lots of time and money, and reducing and /or minimizing your risk, both financially and contractually.

As Quantity Surveyors professionally we provide a range of services. These services include, but are in no way restricted to:

  • Building Quantity Take off (BOQ)
  • Building Cost Estimates
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Project case Studies
  • Construction Contract Project Management
  • Billing and Monitoring Services

We have our qualified Quantity Surveyors who offer you

  • International Standard service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Comprehensive reports in both hard copy and pdf formats
  • Personal contact with prompt responses to your questions
  • Professional, efficient and timely service
  • Fixed fee quotes – no hidden extras
  • Ongoing advice regarding your project / report if required, even after the work has been completed
  • Apply/send resume at email : indenturegroup@gmail.com


  • Mr.Khaled Residence
  • Ms.Afreen [Independent House]
  • Mrs.Sultana [Row Houses]
  • Mrs.Ayesha NRI [Flat Interiors]

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